Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Add Water

My reciepe for happy kids in the Summer?... Just add water!
As is true with most kids... I just cannot keep mine out of the water, come Summertime. (Not that I would even want to try!) Every year, just before school lets out, I buy one of those nice big Intex swimming pools. (BTW- where were those when WE were kids?) This becomes part of our daily Summer rituals.
Whether it is just my two- or a gaggle of neighborhood kids (plus my two)- from June to September, morning till night- our little backyard swimming pool sees plenty of action. These are photos of Makayla, Jeremiah and a friend, one such day, last August. And this particular day was just like nearly every other, last Summer- and every Summer. They had a ball.

Even Sadie the Cat cannot resist all that wet fun! (She likes to get up on the inflatable edge and relax with her paws in the water. (I know... STRANGE CAT!) Just look at the interest gleaming in her eyes! She almost looks like she is ready to jump right in with them!
Now that Summer is almost here again, we are looking forward to long, hot days, spent cooling off in the pool- followed by muggy nights, staying up laate, BBQing, and night swimming in our little backyard pool.
Aaaah.... the joys of childhood!

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