Sunday, April 26, 2009

JD's New Tattoo...The One That Just Wouldn't Go Away!

JD came home from Dad's house with this cool new skeleton tattoo. He felt like a super cool rockin' dude! And of course showed it off to EVERYONE! It was a nice tattoo...probably one of the best fakies that I have ever scene; and had real sharp colors too. (Of course not that you can see it so well due to my cell phone camera and all.) Oh well.

But for Jeremiah, the best thing about his new tatoo...was that it
No matter how many times Mom bathed him, or how hard I scrubbed, or all of the usual concoctions that I tried- that tattoo was stayin' on! (It was actually 3 or more days old in the above picture.) Much to JD's delight And my frustration. Now he really was part of the Big Boyz club. (You will all be happy to know that the tattoo is now completely removed; and we are awaiting the next time he comes home with another one of those Super Tattoos from the Diner! ~ I'll keep you posted.

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