Monday, April 6, 2009

First Day Of Water Play 2009!

What a great way to kick of the first day of Spring Break!!!

Today was the first day warm enough to pull out the old toddler pool for a little splashin' around!

The kids and I spent the first day of our Spring Vacation hanging aroung the house, kicking back, playing and enjoying not having to go to school. The kids woke up early and had breakfast while getting to watch the morning cartoons that they usually miss while in school. Then, while Mom got to clock in a wee bit of extra shut eye; Makayla and Jeremiah took turns hiding plastic Easter Eggs and searching aroung the living room for them.
Then, after they got tired of that, they started a new game/craft project. They divided all of the eggs up between them; and then drew faces on each, and gave them all names. After they had their 'Egg Babies', Makayla transformed an egg carton into their 'Egg Farm'. She also cut little blankets for them, while Mom made head kercheifs for the girls, and bibs for the boys. They had a whole morning's worth of fun on that activity! (Those are my favorite kind of activity...the ones that let them get crafty AND use their imagination.)
After lunch, we pulled out the play clothes and the hose for a bit of water play. That is when our little neighbor Vicka and her mother Natasha came over to join us. They are some new friends that we meet this year, when Vicka and her Mama moved here all the way from Russia. Natasha is the new wife of our neighbor's brother; an Vicka goes to Kindergarten with J.D.
The kid's splashed around all afternoon,until it got a little cold. After we changed into dry clothes, and our friends had left; the kids put on the old, "Mom, we're bored!" routine. So, I took them for a scooter ride around the neighborhood, where we stopped by our other friend's house, to see if they could play for awhile.
Brian, Michael and their Mama, Lorraine came over to play on the trampoline, and share a pizza dinner with us. All in all, I would say that we had a fabulous first day of Spring Vacation. Who can complain about craft project, water play, TWO playdates and pizza, all in one day!

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