Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jeremiah's First Mohawk


...for a couple of days anyways!
This was J.D.'s first mohawk. (And the only one, so far...I am sure there will be plenty more in his future!) It was given to him in late June 2008, by Daddy.
The only problem with it, was that it was too long to stand up well. It looked super cool that first day...and then kind of flopped ver in a funky 1980's skater dude hair do. Nice, but not at all J.D. ;so out came the clippers, and he got his first shave!
I do have to admit, that while I sorely missed my boys beautiful locks, that he looked very handsome with his head shaved. And much older too! In fact, he looked so good, that we have kept it shaved ever since last Summer.
I still miss his 'Little Boy Hair', but I think he looks better like this. (And I can't complain about not having to keep the hair out of his eyes!) Also, since he was a bald baby; it seems to suit him better.
But, I know we will always remember J.D.'s very first mohawk!

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