Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring 2009 Family Update

Well, here we are, and it is already March. Where does the time go? We have all been pretty busy so far this year. In February, both children started new after school classes. Makayla began Hip Hop Dance Class; and Jeremiah started taking Karate Class. They both are enjoying themselves, and doing well.

This month, JD also began a new season of T-Ball. He is #13 on the Pirates. His Dad is coaching the team again this year, along with his Aunt, Uncle and Papa. So it's a real family affair! They have played their first two games, and will play another tomorrow.

Both kids are doing well in school. Makayla, in 3rd grade, has just completed her first report. She did a biography on Princess Diana. She enjoyed learning about her life, and I think she did a very nice job on it. Let's see if her teacher agrees!

Jeremiah, in Kindergarten, has been doing a great job at school. He has just brought home his 6th or 7th 100% spelling test, in a row! So far, he has earned a 100% on every test. I hope he continues to do this well! He enjoys his class a lot, and his teacher describes him as a real leader, (but we already knew that, didn't we?!?) Ms. Parks, his teacher, is the recipient of his very first, school boy crush. He thinks she is great, and brings her flowers, often. (Mommy is trying not to be "too" jealous! As until now, I was the only "woman" in his life! I guess I am going to have to get used to sharing him with the ladies.

We all took a day trip up to the snow, last month. And hope to do it again real soon. We went to our special spot, up in Wrightwood. It is in the National Forest, right above the Mt. High Ski Resort. We go up there, and spend the day sledding, and playing in the snow. They had just gotten 5' of snow, and it was amazing! I have never in my life seen that much pure powder before. (But, of course I am a Southern Cali girl).

This time we brought some friends along, and everyone had a real blast. Makayla has mastered the toboggan, and also helped me to build snow people. While Jeremiah spent the entire day eating snow. He ate, licked, munched and smooshed his face in it, so much that I was worried he would give himself frostbite, or snow burn! He climbed the sledding hill, on his hands and knees, EATING SNOW THE WHOLE WAY UP!!! Such a silly boy I have. :)

So, that is basically the big update on the goings on of the Family. We hope that everyone else is happy, and healthy, and enjoying the end of their winter, and the beginning of spring. Ciao.

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  1. Sounds like you all had so much fun on your trip to the snow! I can send you all of ours every single winter if you like! hehe