Friday, March 27, 2009


Makayla's Dance Team,

"The Best In The West"

WON 3rd Place in the

Southern California

Regional Hip Hop

Dance Competition!!!

WAY TO GO MISS RED!!! ~ We are so proud of you!
All of your hard work, and practice has paid off., and we couldn't be happier for you! I know that the going was getting a little rough. I know that you had hoped for a fun and care free
dance class; and instead you ended up on an extremely competitive dance team, with a teacher who expected quite a lot out of you all. I know that you felt like quitting at times, and I know it was not always fun, or easy.

In spite of all of that; I think that you have learned some valuable lssons about yourself. I think that you learned that when when the going gets tough... you get tougher. I hope that you learned that even if you aren't alwas 'into' something...that once you start, you must persevere and finish. I think that you learned the value of team work, and the imporance of each person's place on a team. I also hope that that no matter what you do...that you can always work hard, stick with it, and get good results as long as you give it your all. And if nothing else...I think that learning those lessons, is worth more than any old medal or trophy. (Not that your medals, and trophies are not ultra cool!)

So, I do not know what your future in Hip Hop Dance may be. We may try to find you a class that is less competetive, and more focused on having fun and learning great dance moves. You may decide to continue this class, or even to go back to Cheerleading. I do not know what the future has in store for you. But, beautiful girl, I do know this...whatever you do, you shine bright. Wherever you go, youare love, and however you do do your best. That is all i could ever want for you. More than trophies and medals...I want to see that glorious look of self satsfaction and independence that I see fro you right now.

Mommy Loves You... Never, ever forget that! I am always right behind you, cheering you on, helping you learn, and waiting in the wings in case you need some love and support. I am your biggest fan! ~ (Oh, and every one else in the family too!) :)

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